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Volume 2, Issue 1-2, June 2021
Research Articie
RadCloud—An Artificial Intelligence-Based Research Platform Integrating Machine Learning-Based Radiomics, Deep Learning, and Data Management
Geng Yayuan ,  Zhang Fengyan ,  Zhang Ran ,  Chen Ying ,  Xia Yuwei ,  Wang Fang ,  Yang Xunhong ,  Zuo Panli ,  Chai Xiangfei
June 21,2021
Research Articie
Dosimetric Impact of Physician Style Variations in Contouring CTV for Postoperative Prostate Cancer: A Deep Learning–Based Simulation Study
Anjali Balagopal ,  Dan Nguyen ,  Maryam Mashayekhi ,  Howard Morgan ,  Aurelie Garant ,  Neil Desai ,  Raquibul Hannan ,  Mu-Han Lin ,  Steve Jiang
July 11,2021
Research Articie
Exploring Medical Students' and Faculty's Perception on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. A Questionnaire Survey
Leandros Sassis ,  Pelagia Kefala-Karli ,  Marina Sassi ,  Constantinos Zervides
June 23,2021
Research Articie
Deep Learning–Based CT-to-CBCT Deformable Image Registration for Autosegmentation in Head and Neck Adaptive Radiation Therapy
Xiao Liang ,  Howard Morgan ,  Dan Nguyen ,  Steve Jiang
June 10,2021
Research Articie
Temporal Aspects of Tree Hole Data
Zengzhen Du ,  Dan Xie ,  Min Hu
June 09,2021
Research Articie
Machine Learning for Violence Risk Assessment Using Dutch Clinical Notes
Pablo Mosteiro ,  Emil Rijcken ,  Kalliopi Zervanou ,  Uzay Kaymak ,  Floortje Scheepers ,  Marco Spruit
March 04,2021
Research Articie
Deep High-Resolution Network for Low-Dose X-Ray CT Denoising
Ti Bai ,  Dan Nguyen ,  Biling Wang ,  Steve Jiang
May 03,2021
Research Articie
TMRGM: A Template-Based Multi-Attention Model for X-Ray Imaging Report Generation
Xuwen Wang ,  Yu Zhang ,  Zhen Guo ,  Jiao Li
May 05,2021
Review Articie
Deep Learning Methodologies for Genomic Data Prediction: Review
Yusuf Aleshinloye Abass ,  Steve A. Adeshina
May 19,2021
Research Articie
Ensembled Deep Neural Network for Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection and Subtype Classification on Noncontrast CT Images
Yunan Wu ,  Mark P. Supanich ,  Jie Deng
June 24,2021